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Videos Now Posted!
Early Treatment Conference
October 13-14, 2023 -
Mountain City Church
(formerly Anchorage Baptist Temple)

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Covid and Beyond:
The Establishment and you

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Healthcare workers settle COVID shot mandate for $10.3 Million

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GOOD NEWS – from the Desks of Drs Nolte


As the number of patients calling with COVID symptoms continues to decrease dramatically, the number of patients seeking preventive care and follow up for their chronic medical issues, neglected for far too long, is finally increasing. 


The emphasis on self care, both mental and physical, which somehow has been lost during a time when it was needed the most must once again become a priority. Vitamin D deficiency, which affects most Alaskans who do not take high dose daily supplements, is an easily treatable risk factor for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. 


As people see more and more of their fully vaccinated and recently boosted friends and family infected with COVID-19, it is inevitable that the questions arise, “Should I still get vaccinated? Do I need a booster? Should my kids get vaccinated?” The good news is you do not need a medical degree or experience in healthcare to know the answer. All you need is common sense. 


The spike protein targeted in the currently used COVID vaccines is from the original Wuhan strain. At least 2 variants later and with over 30 mutations in the spike protein itself, the vaccines we are still using now are obsolete, as evidenced by the ever increasing “need” for boosters. The good news is that the Omicron variant, unlike the original and delta strains, for most, is mild with very low risk of complications. And because of its high transmissibility, most people have already had it and now have a more robust natural immunity than could ever be gained by vaccinating. So apart from those who are very high risk or do not have natural immunity, getting vaccinated and boosted has no significant benefit. Common Sense. 


More good news! Children are the least likely to have complications from COVID-19 infection. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports a cumulative mortality of 0.00% to 0.01% in children infected with COVID-19 in 46 states reporting. The COVID vaccines, on the other hand, do come with substantial risk, and unfortunately those at highest risk for a serious heart condition called myocarditis are our children. On the conservative side this means that 1 in 5,000 children receiving the COVID-19 vaccine would suffer severe injury to the heart that could cause permanent damage. It is therefore absolutely unconscionable to give these vaccines to healthy children who have less chance of harm from the illness than from the side effects of the vaccine. Common Sense. 


As doctors our goal is to help our patients make the best decision for themselves and their loved ones by using the most up to date and accurate information we have available and, of course, by using common sense.

Emergency Room Doctor: "I apologize. You guys were correct!"

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Ongoing News Stories related
to Early Treatment

Dr. Mark McDonalds letter to parents of his young patients


The HERO Doctors for Medical Liberty


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Dr. Robert Malone Video Clips from the summit.

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Alaskan Dr. Ilona Farr  Video Clips from the summit.

Dr. Nass and her video clips from the summit

Dr. Urso and his video clips from the summit

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Recommended treatment for Covid 19 recovery

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