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Video clips of Dr. Ilona Farr during Early Treatment Summit
October, 30th 2021
Anchorage, Alaska

Her presentation was extremely informative.

This is precisely why we have included so many video clips for your knowledge and benefit. 

Be aware that Dr. Farr and other medical doctors like Dr. John Nolte are under severe attack from the "medical industrial establishment" for not toeing the line with federal protocol regulations. 

They need our support in all venues which support Alaska and our right to a sacred relationship between our providers and the patient.   


Here in Alaska we are eternally grateful to have Dr. Ilona Farr as our own Alaskan. Dr. Farr began the Early Treatment Summit on Saturday, October 30th. 

This is a tribute to Dr. Farr as she concluded her portion of the summit. We are blessed to have this Alaskan here fighting for our medical liberties.

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