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Biography Dr. Ilona Farr


Ilona Farr MD is a 62 year resident of Alaska. Raised in Clear Alaska, graduated East High Anchorage 1975,


Undergraduate at UAA, WSU, and Cardiff, Wales. Graduated WAMI Medical program 1983. Graduated Family Medicine Spokane Residency Program 1986.


Worked in Seward, Kotzebue and Barrow Alaska 1886-1989 and did two medical exchanges to Siberia in 1980's.Worked at Medical Park Family Care,ACFM, Summit Family Practice and in 2004 opened Alaska Family Medical Care where she has been in solo practice since.


She has served on multiple boards and commissions including Blue Cross Advisory Board, Alaska Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board, Medicaid Reform Advisory Group, and Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association.


She has been involved in trying to get common sense health care reform since 1997 and is now trying to save Alaskan lives by early treatment of Covid.

Advocating for Early Treatment

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