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“Science and reason flourish in an environment where questioning and open discourse are allowed and encouraged, not where those who question the status quo are censored and vilified.”

Our own good doctors are now under attack from the establishment doctors who are attempting to take medical licenses away through the Alaska Medical Board. These providers promote the current so called "best practices" that leave few options other than Covid vaccines and if sick enough, hospitalization, Remdesivir (which only works in the first phase of the disease) and placing the seriously ill on ventilators.

Dr. Robert Malone stood on the stage with tears in his eyes because he was so moved by the exceptional presentation by Dr. Ilona Farr. And now, just two weeks later Dr. Farr and her colleagues who provided information on preventive vitamin therapy and early treatment, to include the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, are under a direct attack by the medical establishment.

Be reminded, Dr. Farr has treated over 720 patients and has only lost one Covid patient who was unable to get a prescription filled for Ivermectin and was admitted to the hospital that then was refused Ivermectin treatment.

Other providers had discussed how these drugs work in the early phases. These providers put their license on the line to educate us and help keep us safe from this terrible disease. Now it is our turn to stand up and be counted. THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE.

The Alaska Medical Board has announced a public meeting on Friday, November 19th where it will be taking an hour of testimony from only those who have registered to speak. The only option for most of us is to flood the AK Medical Board with support for Dr. Farr and Drs. Nolte. Write immediately to the Alaska Medical Board at:

In clear terms, voice your concern regarding the refusal to allow pharmacies in Alaska to fill orders for Ivermectin and the Hydroxychloroquine and the outright refusal of hospitals to administer these drugs, if ordered by a doctor, to patients infected with the Covid virus. Additionally, we cannot allow the establishment to stack the deck with testimony supporting the refusal of hospitals to treat early intervention with proven drugs and not allowing patients their right to choose.


These good doctors are being threatened that they may lose their medical credentials to practice here in Alaska if they continue administering early treatments not in line with desires of the medical industrial complex and its definition of "best practices."

There is no greater fight than to stand up for these Alaskan hero doctors as they fight for your medical freedom. It may be the fight for life of a family member, a friend, or your own life. Please act now!

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