Early Covid Treatment Medical Summit
General Public

Saturday, October 30th 2021
1:00pm - 5:00pm

TimeStamp      Presenter            Subject matter


0:09:00-0:08:50  Dr. Richard Urso  Introduction to Dr. Li Meng Yan

0:09:00-0:27:15  Dr. Li-Meng Yan   Origins of SARS-COV-2

0:27:15-0:28:50  Dr. Richard Urso  Transition 

0:28:50-0:31:45  Dr. John Nolte      Talks about the Summit

0:31:45-0:33:30  Dr. Richard Urso  Transition to Q&A

0:33:40-0:35:22  Dr. Robert Malone/Dr. Richard Urso  Q&A 1. Does the Vaccine prevent infection?                 

0:35:30-0:37:35  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 2. Does the vaccine create T-Cell problems                                                                                                             that can cause other infection and disease?

0:37:40-0:40:55  Dr. Meryl Nass  Q&A 3. Why are doctors recommending the vaccine?

0:41:00-0:46:35  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A  4. What is the effect of the vaccine on Covid-                                                                                                         Recovered Patients?


0:47:00-0:50:15  Dr. Li-Meng Yan Q&A 5. Dr. Fauci says Covid is a natural virus?


0:50:15-0:51:20  Dr. Meryl Nass  Q&A  5. Follow up - Fauci and his team fabricated                                                                                                                              publication about the origins of the virus.

0:51:40-0:56:35  Dr. Robert Malone Q&A  6. Who is responsible for the variants?                                                                                                                     Vaccinated or Unvaccinated?

0:56:35-0:58:25  Dr. Robert Malone Q&A  6. Follow up ; Is what your doing going to be                                                                                                              the best for everyone? The next Marek's disease vaccine?

0:58:25-1:01:05  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 6. Follow up - You want something that is effective                                                                                                                   now

1:01:40-1:02:15  Dr. Meryl Nass  Q&A  7. Treatment for pregnant in woman?

1:02:15-1:04:55  Dr. Richard Urso  Q&A  7. Follow up - Hydroxychloroquine

1:04:55-1:07:10  Dr. Robert Malone  Q&A  7. Follow up - FDA says vaccine side effects                                                                                                                               are unknown in pregnant women.

1:07:10-1:08:10  Dr. Meryl Nass  Q&A 7. Follow up - Vaccination in Children and the FDA                                                                                                                     incentives

1:08:10-1:11:00  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 8. How did the FDA pass the recommendation for                                                                                                 vaccination of children? 

1:11:00-1:11:40  Dr. Li-Meng Yan Q&A. 8. Follow up - Humans are now the test subjects…

1:11:40-1:13:00  Dr. Robert Malone Q&A. 8. Follow up- The whole system is broken,                                                                                                          where are the ethics?

1:13:00-1:16:40  Dr. Robert Malone Q&A. 8. Follow up- Regulatory Capture? What is this?

1:16:40-1:19:15  Dr. Li-Meng Yan Q&A. 9. Does Early Treatment work?

1:19:15-1:25:35  Dr. Meryl Nass  Q&A. 8. Follow up - Regulatory Capture - Vaccine                                                                                                                                Liability


1:25:35-1:27:45  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A. 9. Follow up - Delta Variant in India- Let looks at what happened

1:27:45-1:29:05  Dr. Robert Malone  Q&A. 9. Follow up - Full and informed consent

1:29:05-1:30:55  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 10. Monoclonal Antibodies treatment - Do they work and are they                                                                        better than the vaccine?

1:30:55-1:32:50  Dr. Robert Malone  Q&A 10. Follow up - Hawaii and monoclonal antibodies treatment

1:32:50-1:35:20  Dr. Robert Malone  Q&A 11. I had Covid, but shouldn't I get the vaccine for the next                                                                                    variant?

1:35:20-1:37:10  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 11. Follow up- Early Treatment Works…

1:37:10-1:37:40  Dr. Robert Malone  Q&A 11. Follow up- Over 500,000 Americans have died because of                                                                                                  suppression to early treatment.

1:37:40-1:39:10  Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Robert Malone  Q&A 12. Does the NIH have protocol for Early                                                                                                                    Treatment?


1:39:10-1:41:00  Dr. Richard Urso  Q&A 12. Follow up - Early Treatment

1:41:00-1:42:38  Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 13. Should I take the livestock version of Ivermectin?

1:42:38-1:45:45  Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Ryan Cole  Q&A 13. Follow up - Suppression of Ivermectin

1:45:45-1:48:10  Dr. Li-Meng Yan  Q&A 13. Follow up - Do you want to end this pandemic? Do you want                                                                                               to prevent a future pandemic?

1:48:10-1:49:45  Dr. Richard Urso  Early Treatment Works - Transition to break

2:27:00-2:31:20  Dr. Richard Urso  We need to work in our local community to get ahead of this                                                                            pandemic.

2:31:20-2:42:00  Dr. Robert Malone  Robert Malone Introduction - The most vilified scientist in the                                                                                                                           world. 

2:42:00-2:43:25  Dr. Robert Malone  Background in Biomedical Research and the Development of the                                                                  mRNA Technology

2:43:25-2:46:45  Dr. Robert Malone  Killing my chances of winning a Nobel Prize

2:46:45-2:49:05  Dr. Robert Malone  Our Friends in the Press - Slander for Profit

2:49:05-2:52:35  Dr. Robert Malone  The Noble Lie

2:52:35-2:54:05  Dr. Robert Malone  Technology and Efficacy 

2:54:05-2:54:40  Dr. Robert Malone  Safety in Children, Pregnancy, Women and Reproductive Health

2:54:40-2:55:40  Dr. Robert Malone  Strengths and Limitations

2:55:40-2:57:15  Dr. Robert Malone  Are the unvaccinated a threat to the vaccinated and vice versa?

2:57:15-2:58:55  Dr. Robert Malone  Physicians Declarations  - GlobalCovidSummit.Org

2:58:55-2:59:40  Dr. Robert Malone  I am not biased - I am interested in saving lives

2:59:40-3:03:15  Dr. Robert Malone  Physicians Declarations: Healthy Children should not be forced to                                                                  vaccination

3:03:15-3:04:22  Dr. Robert Malone  Physicians Declarations: Natural Immune Persons shall not be                                                                      subject to restrictions or vaccine mandates

3:04:22-3:05:55  Dr. Robert Malone  Physicians Declarations: All Institution shall cease interfering with                                                                physicians treating patients

3:05:55-3:06:18  Dr. Robert Malone  Physicians Declarations: Recommended Legislative or Executive                                                                  Action

3:06:18-3:09:50  Dr. Robert Malone  Conclusion

3:10:10-3:36:00  Dr. Richard Urso  Early Treatment and Prevention - It Works and its wrong to not treat                                                             people

3:36:00-3:43:30  Dr. Ilona Farr  Treatment you should have on hand

3:43:50-3:45:18  Dr. Ryan Cole  Who is Ryan Cole?

3:45:18-3:46:41  Dr. Ryan Cole  Misinformation? Doctors are being hunted

3:46:41-3:47:05  Dr. Ryan Cole  What we are sharing is information and data.

3:47:05-3:49:20  Dr. Ryan Cole  Fear is the real pandemic

3:49:20-3:55:35  Dr. Ryan Cole  Physicians Declaration

3:55:35-3:58:00  Dr. Ryan Cole  Physicians Declaration: More Physicians than the NIH, FDA, CDC, WHO…

3:58:00-4:00:47  Dr. Ryan Cole  Story about modern handwashing - will early treatment be next?

4:00:47-4:04:25  Dr. Ryan Cole  Early Treatment Saves Lives 

4:04:25-4:06:45  Dr. Ryan Cole  My first covid patients

4:06:45-4:09:35  Dr. Ryan Cole  Vitamin D

4:09:35-4:10:40  Dr. Ryan Cole  Natural Immunity - Covid Recovered

4:10:40-4:11:40  Dr. Ryan Cole  Early Treatment Studies ivmmeta.com

4:11:40-4:13:05  Dr. Ryan Cole  Vaccines - Wrong Vaccine, Wrong Virus

4:13:05-4:15:00  Dr. Ryan Cole  Delta Virus - Third World Countries are beating the virus, why aren't we

4:15:00-4:16:25  Dr. Ryan Cole  What matters to me - Saving lives

4:16:25-4:19:00  Dr. Ryan Cole  Parallel Heath System

4:19:00-4:19:15  Dr. Ryan Cole  Thank You

4:19:15-4:20:30  Dr. Ryan Cole  Introduction to Dr. Li Meng Yan

4:20:30-4:32:05  Dr. Li-Meng Yan  If the Virus was Engineered, What is it suppose to do?

4:32:05-4:34:35  Dr. Li-Meng Yan  Many are assisting the CCP to cover up the origins of Covid.

4:34:35-4:36:30  Dr. Li-Meng Yan  Additional Information to Share with others

4:36:30-4:39:20  Dr. Li-Meng Yan  I am still here, we must have courage.

4:39:20-4:40:28  Dr. Li-Meng Yan  What Covid can do to your body - Get Early Treatment

4:40:28-4:41:55  Dr. John Nolte  Closing - Lets Organize and take action