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Why should you become a member of the Early Treatment Team?

We have Alaskans all over Alaska who are joining our ranks. They want to see Early Treatment for the prevention and mitigation of Covid. Please come help us continue share with all Alaskans. Our mission is to keep Alaskans out of the hospital where it may be too little, too late. By joining or donating to our cause, you become a member and receive alerts and our newsletter to help you keep informed. 

* Membership is only $10.00

* All members receive timely newsletters which inform you      of upcoming events

* This team works every day to ensure you have ALL the          medical options you need to stay healthy and to fight the      Covid virus if you contract it.

* This team keeps you informed in ways the "Main Stream      Media" will not. It is essential that you are exposed to 
  all information regarding the fight against the Covid              virus. this is the only way you can decide what is best for      you and your family.

* There is a "misinformation campaign" out there which is      attempting to discredit any effort for Early Treatment. We      believe you are the one who should decide what is, and        what is not "misinformation." 

* We believe the relationship between you and your doctor      is a sacred relationship and must not be assaulted                by the medical industrial complex. 

For these, and a multitude of other reasons we need your financial assistance in carrying on our mission to ensure you have the full slate of medical options going forward. 

Please join now.


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