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This page is designed to give easy access to articles and videos posted previously. I is also a method to keep the Home page fresh as we move forward

Legislative support for Early Treatment

Recommended reading and actions

Exemption forms:

October Summit links

Should we be Vaccinating Children?

Vaccine Knowledge

     Supporting Documents:

The World Health Organization with their recently updated graph on Adverse Drug Reactions

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New case studies from Scotland indicate the vaxed are becoming the super spreaders...

Pay Attention Alaska... Florida is

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International Criminal Court Flag

Will these people be charged with Genocide?

The lie revealed

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022 US Military documents confirm that there was funding directed for Gain of Function for the Sars 2 Corona virus at the Wuhan Labratory. 

Dr. Fauci boldly lied to congress and should face the full force of law in deceiving congress and the American public. 


Hero Doctor stands up with lawsuit against the corporate 
medical establishment. 

El Salvador Gets it....

When you have a country which is interested in protecting its citizens instead of protecting its politicians, you get much different results. 

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Attacking the Covid virus at the source....

Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the use of nasal sprays to kill the virus in the nasal cavity. Pay attention to the process and procedure... 

Recent Interview of Dr. Robert Malone with Joe Rogan just after Twitter banned him....December 30th 2021

Leading Doctors and Scientists give substantial testimony for supporting a 2nd opinion

Worldwide directory for doctors who are practicing Early Treatment. 
At the bottom you will see a listing of the individual states to include Alaska. Dr. Nolte and Dr. Farr do not appear on this directory as it is difficult for them to add additional patients.


Evidence shows the lockdowns associated with Covid 19 did nothing to protect the population and wrecked substantial harm on the world economy

How effective are vaccines with children?


New Hampshire votes for pharmaceutical freedom

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